UFO Closes an Airport in China For Two Hours

UFO sightings may be common in the United States, so frequent they rarely make news headlines anymore. But an unidentified flying object actually closed Xiaoshan Airport for a few hours, in China, making headlines around the region. Why is this sighting creating so much interest?

Chinese traditionally believe in ghosts not UFO’s, and whilst the Chinese does discuss quite openly ghostly goings on- it has never openly broadcasted news of a UFO sighting before.

The Xiaoshan incident was reported in detail. A recognition perhaps that with so much video footage available online, and thousands of eyewitnesses- the object that was seen over this regional airport may have really been an unidentified flying object.

In Europe and the United States, since the unveiling of unmanned spy craft and UFO shaped military aircraft, including the stealth bomber. Most new sightings are often dismissed as secret test flights of this known technology.- secret tests which skeptics state explain most sightings in the 1990’s and mid 2000’s.

This has created speculation that the UFO seen near Xiaoshan Airport is perhaps a military test, rather than an actual visitation from another planet. However, the speed and the shape of the object, indicates to many that it is more likely to be a UFO than a new type of rocket or aircraft.- and this time there is plenty of video footage available online to prove it.

New sightings are getting more common outside the US and Northern Europe, often in countries were advanced stealth technology is uncommon. South and Central America has seen a rise in recorded unidentified flying object sightings this century- including the skies over Chile.

This time the shift has turned Eastwards towards China. Something many believers of UFO’s could cite as a valid reason for alien visitations- especially as the ambitious Chinese Space program has already sent an astronaut into space.

If it was a military test of a new type of craft, this recent sighting could be dismissed easily. But if this proves to be only speculation, expect more UFO activity in China, and perhaps a chance of a recorded first contact coming from the East rather then the West.

Source by Mark W. Medley