UNESCO Declares Sukur Cultural Landscape in Nigeria As World Heritage Site

Sukur, located in the Northeastern part of Nigeria has been selected by UNESCO to be a World Heritage Site. The Nigeria has a unique position in the African continent due to its landscape and various other places with tourist attractions. The Sukar Landscape was selected due to its structured palace, beautiful villages and terraced fields etc. Dozens of groups of tourists visit such a unique cultural landscape. Sukar cultural Landscape was included in the list of world heritage site in 1999 by UNESCO. This site has been called as an exceptional landscape. Cultural Landscape of Sukur is witness of continuing spiritual and cultural traditions that are continuing for many centuries.

Sukar is not much popular if compared to others sites. It is located on the Mandara Mountains with the steep land with its grassy soil. It is completely different from other World Heritage sites. This site is being developed to introduce Sukur to all over the world by collecting as much information as available on records. Precious data has been compiled by Nic David and Judy Sterner in the background of the Mandara Archaeological Project which can be used in developing the Sukar Landscape.

This site has survived from to be demolition from several centuries and still it looks the same as if it were built recently. The history loving travelers will enjoy visiting one of the perfect places, where they can learn a lot about the culture and traditions of the country. UNESCO and Nigerian Government should start some new projects including a museum is suggested to be established over there to illustrate the real culture and history of the region.

Source by Salman Asif