US Tourist Visa Restrictions

Traveling is one leisure activity we all enjoy. Seeing new places, tasting new dishes, meeting other people and mingling with other culture and experiencing life to the fullest can be a memory one will keep for the rest of his or her life, like a trip to US under a tourist visa.

The United States of America is one of the top destinations for many foreigners and even the Filipinos. From New York to California, the possibilities are endless, the fun and excitement are guaranteed. Being able to get a US Tourist visa, otherwise known as B2 visa entitles one to enter and travel in any of the 50 states of America. Once granted with a B2 visa, you can now book your flight bound for US; however keep in mind that the visa is not a guarantee that you will be permitted entry in the US. You have to pass the immigration officer upon your arrival at the airport for the examination of your travel documents. If they find you inadmissible or ineligible for entry you may be asked to go straight back home.

So before we get too excited and bubbly about our US tour, there are things that need to be considered. Having a visa to the US does not entitle one to all the privileges an American citizen would be entitled to. There are limitations and rules that must be followed. Several of which are the prohibition to:

  • accept any kind of employment during the visitor’s travel inside US,
  • to study for any course of learning.

If in case you feel that you want to study, you can apply for change of your status as a visitor to other visa category appropriate for your main purpose.

There may be times that you wanted to stay a little longer, maximize your time of visit in the promising land of US, then you may apply for visa extension subject to some requirements and conditions.

Unable to follow rules and regulations set forth by the US government and their immigration office would merit the revocation of the visa. You may also be deported, or worst, incarcerated in the land of promise turning a dream vacation into a lifetime of nightmare. It is best to be a smart traveler than regret the chance of a lifetime. If in doubt the best thing to do is seek for advice, consultation and help from immigration experts, that way there would be no waste of time and effort.

Source by Joyce Felisa Domingo