What Are The Key Advantages Of Reseller Hosting?

Having a well-established and maintained website is essential for every business owner who wishes to venture into the cyber-internet world for his products or services. This is especially true for companies that target for Global market exposure, where their websites are of utmost critical to their business because internet business enable these companies to expand their online business successfully, by removing the geographical constraints by enabling their businesses and trading with countries with the middle East, China or even Alaska at the far north of the world.

Today, developing and sustaining a great website is important for the continuity of survival for business owners. Although comparatively, most of these companies consistently looking for ways to upgrade their products and services, however not many have successfully expand their business because extensive amount of money is required to upgrade their server, install of new intelligent systems to monitor their website operation and add new advanced features to provide the best hosting plans for their customers. It also required ample resources to man their data centre and to keep-up with their server maintenance for wear and tear over the long run.

The emergence of reseller hosting has overcome some of the cost issues which exist today. By the way, what is Reseller? Reseller hosting is a form of website hosting where the account owner managed to split up their allocated server with its resources such as disk space, bandwidth, number of emails and resell them to the reseller. Reseller is the middle-man between the master hosting provider and the end customers where the reseller gets to sell the hosting services to its customers on behalf of the master web host.

Reseller services brings some of the key notably advantages as such;

• Low cost reseller hosting plan –

They yield for lower setup cost and smaller monthly fees because of the large numbers of businesses and individuals which they can easily fulfill because they only focus in providing their best reseller hosting services and nothing more than that. As compared to other web hosting plan, reseller web hosting plan is approximately 70-80% of what the web hosting plan would have cost.

• Out-sourcing server support and maintenance activities –

As part of their keen effort in cost reduction, resellers turn to external third party to manage their servers and take charge of all the necessary maintenance activities on their behalf. In most cases, the master web host will be liable for any of the tasks pertaining to server management.

• Reseller is way more feasible in fulfilling their customer’s needs –

The key reason why reseller hosting is so popular these days is because they are feasible to attend to their customers needs fast enough for any urgent requirements. They dedicatedly focus on consulting and continued enhancement of their customer support rather than spending time attending to server administrative tasks or server hardware management piece of it. They are way more scalable in fulfilling their different customers’ ad hoc needs as they have the ability to locate with a different web host which has the features, and tools, or the type of server which can better fit the customer’s urgent requests in the shortest turn-around time effectively.

Source by Darren Thomas