What the Heck is Feng Shui, How Do You Pronounce It, and Most Importantly, Does It Really Work?

Although it’s been prevalently used through China and much of Asia for centuries, Feng Shui (pronounced “fung-schway”) is finally catching on in the Western hemisphere. But what is it? Put simply, Feng Shui is the ancient Chinese practice of arranging furniture and designing the home to facilitate fortune and prosperity, and to diminish misfortune.

Perhaps the most interesting fact about Feng Shui is that it works, whether you believe it or not. This mysterious method is always in force, regardless of your personal belief and independent of the power of suggestion.

Which means, if you don’t know anything about Feng Shui, it could be working against you.

In fact, the Feng Shui “rules” are so consistent that a trained Feng Shui consultant (typically hired at about $300 an hour) can walk into your home and pinpoint which areas of your life are causing you struggle. It’s creepy, really.

More importantly, such a trained person can show you exact remedies to rectify whatever ails you – be it your bank account, your love life, your career, your health, etc. What’s really fascinating is how quickly those upsetting circumstances can reverse themselves–as if touched by a miracle–once the appropriate Feng Shui principles are applied.

The most important first step in making your home or office Feng-Shui-friendly involves correctly positioning a 3×3 diagram called a Ba Gua Map. The Ba Gua shows you exactly which part of your home is the wealth corner, which part is the marriage corner, and which part is the career corner (etc.) Specific cures or treatments can be applied to solve most any problem – and the results appear lightning-fast to those who use the process correctly.

Source by Amy S. Grant