Who Motivates a Motivational Speaker?

When it comes to motivating people in an audience, few if any do it better than an inspirational speaker. I have been in the professional speaking business for eight years and heard some of the best in the business and one of the most pressing questions I have ever heard was, who motivates the motivator?

The fact of the matter is, no one can truly motivate anyone else. Why?

Glad you asked and I will qualify the previous statement. Every human being has an amazing story, some more amazing than others. People who choose to become motivational speakers are really inspirational speakers.

People who hone their speaking skills and really work to become a transformational speaker are really inspiring people. Motivation finds its genesis in inspiration.

For example, an organization might hire me to deliver a quote, unquote motivational speech to their organization. The first thing I will do is write my speech and I will use my experiences in story form to craft my message to the audience members.

It will start out like this, “As the highway patrolman in Houston, Texas instructed me and other drivers to proceed through the water filled highway, I was petrified. The water on Highway 90 was rising up to my driver side door really fast, my instincts resulted in me shifting the clutch so my car would not stall at that point, I gained a new sense of strength because had I panicked I surely would have drowned.”

The true story I referenced above will resonate with audience members because everyone has experienced a crisis in their life and I am simply sharing my story to bring audience member experiences back to their remembrance. So getting back to who motivates the motivator, it comes back to inspiration.

My inspirational story about overcoming life obstacles is a linchpin for motivating people to remember tough times do not last, tough people do. Sometimes in life we forget the personal struggles or trials of life and a inspirational speaker acts as a catalyst to motivate people to live a purpose filled life.

I challenge all speakers to take an hour out of their day and write down every personal challenge, trial and or tribulation they experienced, the list will be long. Craft your speech with unique and one-of-its-kind obstacles to illustrate a picture of your experience and how you were able to overcome defeat in order to celebrate victory.

Savvy inspirational speakers conduct due diligence, in other words they do their homework by writing down the greatest challenges they have ever faced and package it in the form of a story, so listeners can bring their life experiences back to their remembrance.

The next time you are in the audience listening to a inspirational speaker, changes are you will be motivated to take positive action in your life to achieve your greatest potential. Enjoy your next speech because it will be enlightening.

Source by Paul Vann