Why Should You Buy the Gold Swiss Franc

If volatility is not your thing, then look no further; if $1000/oz does not fit your pocketbook; if you have lost faith in the US Dollar; then look no further – the Gold Swiss Franc is the answer for you! Not to be confused with the Swiss Franc, the Gold Swiss Franc is by far the one of the best international investments available today due to it’s stability since 1933 and affordability over the Bullion and Krugerrand. The history behind these coins alone gives cause and inspiration for their ownership.

Though many pieces were reported confiscated by Nazi Germany in the 40’s, today there is still wide available in the US and abroad making the Gold Swiss Franc a sound and historical investment for around $200 per fifth of an once. At this price there will undoubtedly be many small investors seeking to purchase these to diversify their portfolio and have a real story to tell.

The US dollar along with the Euro has proven their frailty and many investors are seeking other areas of investment and new investors are staying away from the common markets. The Gold Swiss Franc will always be a secure place to put your money being that gold is “secure” and the Franc is affordable. The possibility of the price reaching new heights is very real also as to the history of these magnificent coins.

As a coin collector, there would be no greater exciting piece to add to an existing collection than a 1933 Swiss Gold Franc! Beautifully designed, historically fashioned, you could proudly display a Swiss Gold Franc and have an incredible story to ingratiate the piece. The franc itself has the classic “Hellenic” design of ancient Greek coins.

So go ahead and invest in a piece of stimulation and controversial history, all the while considering what the modern day US investments are doing compared to these worldly pillars of financial constitution.

Source by Ned Olson