Why You Should Learn English and Chinese Together

Learning both English and Chinese is something that is indispensably important these days. Both languages are of paramount importance and are regarded as premier business languages in the world. This hold especially true in light of all the economic prosperity that China is now attaining.

What I mean when I say that it is important to learn both English and Chinese is that one must know enough about the language to get their ideas across their counterpart. In most instances this simply means talking to a new colleague in office, or a potential business partner or a new classmate. As of now at least 200 million students in China are studying English, this is almost too big a number compared to the 50 thousand persons in the United States who are involved in some Chinese speaking program or another.

If you are planning on learning Chinese then you can find plenty of instructions online which can help you understand the Chinese language. Most of these are designed for people who have no prior experience in Chinese and would like to learn the language on their own. The language packages are also very graphical and interactive so that the whole learning experience is more “visual” and feels like fun rather than some work involving rote repetition. This is especially true for the packages that have designed for children.

If you have kids and will want them to learn Chinese then it is recommended that you start as early as possible as this will make learning Chinese a lot more easy for your kids. Children become capable of learning a language when they turn 3 years old and do so at a much faster rate than adults, in other words don’t worry your child will pick up the seemingly impossible language much faster than you think, may be even faster than you ;).

Source by Steve S Johnson